Portable Hazardous Materials Lab

The HEINZ 5 STEP™ KIT is a very simple to use field hazard identification and analysis system to be utilized on solid and liquid chemical unknowns. Some basic knowledge of chemical properties is helpful in classifying and deducing hazard characteristics.

Basic Screening Tests

– Physical Examination
– Vapor Pressure / Volatility
– Water Behavior / Solubility
– Flammability / Combustibility
– Thermal Stability (solids)- pH Test for Corrosives
– Qualitative test for Oxidizers
– Interpretive Results / Observations

Advanced Testing Capabilities

– Specific Nitrate / Nitrite Ion Screening
– Peroxide Ion Testing
– Metal Cation Analysis (ionic compounds)
– Determination of chloride / Iodide Ion Presence
– Detection of Sulfide and Sulfate Ions
– Detection of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons
– Determination of Ammonium Ion Presence
– Determination of Cyanide Ion Presence
– Specific Acid and Concentration Tests
– Nerve Agent Screening (WMD)

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